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What does it mean to lazy create a landmark record on the database?

This means that a data point record is not created until someone actually wants to add metadata to it by tagging, rating or commenting on it. This saves the system the hassle of creating a record for every landmark in the Open Data feed, and allows the system to add Open Data feeds at will without needing to sync with the database.

The consequence of this is that each data point (landmark) MUST have a unique id (a GUID). In the OGDI datasources, the GUID for a KML placemark is put in the "Description" tag, and that is what we use to get the GUID for a data point. Any datasources that are added to PointSources.xml MUST also have the GUID in the Description tag for a KML placemark (we only handle KML sources currently).

API Users

  1. Get the data for a landmark by calling /Summaries/ShowByGuid.json/{GUID} where {GUID} is the GUID of the landmark you want
  2. If you get a 404 response, this means that you will need to create the PointDataSummary record later (ie landmark) when you rate, tag or comment
  3. Before you add your rating, tag or comment - check that the PointDataSummary is created, if not create it: /Summaries/Add

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