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In the Database directory, there is the ODAF.Data project which is the data layer of ODAF.Website. It uses SubSonic for ORM (Object to Relational Mapping) . If you change the database schema, you must update the data layer classes in this project.

SubSonic uses t4 templating to dynamically create the data layer. Make sure you have the right database ConnectionString in App.Config before updating the data layer, then, right-click on each .tt file and choose "Run Custom Tool". This will generate the new data layer code.


In the Database/scripts directory, there is the odaf.sql T-SQL script that creates the database for ODAF.Website, as well as two other helper scripts. You would create the "odaf" database first before running the creation script (rename the USE clause at the top of odaf.sql if your database is named differently).

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